Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My very first blog

Pretty much I have never done this before and decided to start as a way to market a new business I am in the process of creating!
I am 24 years old will be married to the man of my dreams for 4 years on this November 2nd. I just had a healthy, beautiful baby boy August 3rd 2012. He is my life right now, and because of him my husband and I want me to stop working in the "real work world" and stay home and raise our son. Obviously leaving a job will most likely cause financial changes and for us these changes are going to be HUGE! I say this in future tense because I am still receiving disability for being on pregnancy leave, but soon will be bringing in zero dollars to our home! SO, to hopefully help I am going to use my God-given talents and passions and create a skin care line. I am beginning with lotion and will sell online on etsy.com.

My precious baby boy Ryan Jacobs Platt
He is 5 weeks in these pictures

I guess since this is my first blog I should talk a little about myself. I was born in southern California where I lived till I was 7 my parents then moved my brother (Paul, who is two years older) and myself to Gunnison, Colorado. Gunnison is an extremely small town, population at the time about 5000. My dad and mom had no idea what they were doing other then listening to God. My dad had a dream one night about a Gunnison Colorado (they had been talking of moving to Colorado) he had never heard of it before (like most people) the next day he looked on the map and proclaimed we would be moving to this mysterious town! My parents are people of faith, they have a personal relationship with God. Unlike most "christians" these days they actually rely and trust on God. They seek Him, study the bible, and therefore have a strong faith that has taken them very very far in life and also has helped them succeed beyond their dreams, I am sure!
Their trust and faith is one I do admire a lot. You see I tend to think I have all the answers and that I can control my life and my families future, even through being showed time and time and time and time and time again that I REALLY have NO control! Things can change so quickly! Jobs can come and go, people can come and go without any heads up. Its like holy cow I would have really appreciated some warning, NO there are not a lot of warnings in life, things just,  happen.
My beautiful parents
My amazing brother and me
So back to my life story. I was raised in a tiny town I went to high school had a couple dumb boyfriends that of course didn't work out (thank you LORD) and had a lot of great friends and few not-so-great friends. I always had the support and love of an amazing family which really is such a blessing these days. Growing up I had so many dreams and goals, I wanted to be a vet, actress, business owner, professional dancer, gymnast, attorney... INSTEAD I moved back to California right after high school and lived with my uncle and aunt in San Clemente (gorgeous place), where I went to massage therapy school and met my husband, Kory. We married after about 2 and half years of knowing each other. We stayed in California a few months then I nagged and nagged him till he finally said ok lets drop everything and move to Colorado! So almost after a year of marriage we took a huge leap of faith, quit our jobs, flaked out on our lease, packed up and moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado! I got a job SO quickly and Kory got one a few months after me, we bought a great house and BAM we did it and we were doing good.
About 10 months after moving here Kory's father passed away from heart problems he had been dealing with for many years. He had had a heart transplant in 2000. We went to California the day we found out. A couple months later Kory helped his mother and brother move out here so they could be by us. That has been really good!
My husband and I
After I met Kory I gained a lot of weight. Kory had been overweight as a child but in high school he turned it around and got really into working out and taking supplements. Sadly being a young in love couple turned us into a very CHUNKY young in love couple. After Kory's brother moved out here he began playing baseball and being quite chunky himself he was having trouble with the running part of practice. I made a deal with him that we would begin working out and getting in shape! WOW so all three of us began our own little "biggest Loser" I ended up losing a total of 70 lbs Kory lost about the same and Kody (his younger brother) lost about 50 lbs. So we pretty much were awesome! We are all still doing very good, I did just have a baby though and do need to shed a few lbs to get back to where I was. So needless to say health and fitness is now a huge part of my life and I do plan on blogging about that quite a bit and sharing my knowledge along with my skin care knowledge!
Kory's brother Kody who is 15,
NO seriously he is 15, me and Kory
That is my life in a nutshell! I look forward to blogging :)Blog