Wednesday, November 28, 2012

50% off EVERYTHING!!!

Yes, that is correct I am offering everything in my shop for 50% off. I am not making any money I am losing money with this sale, So Why? you ask! Well I have the privilege to work with a professional designer/illustrator and a professional photographer that have offered to completely revamp my shop! I am more then excited to say the least. So I need to get rid of all my old inventory and packaging and make some money back to spend on new packaging! So please take advantage of this and share with your friends and family. I am also doing this in hopes many new people will try my product, fall in love, and become customers for life! So to get your 50% please click here and once you have selected your final items use the promo code GIFT50 and receive your huge discount. 

You will never get this kind of quality product at this price so please take advantage and it is first come first serve I am just trying to SELL OUT!! I will be adding 46 body butters to the shop at this price too, b/c I have that left in bottles. These butters are not in the shop yet but will be in the next few days. These make extremely great and very unique christmas gifts for any lady. You can really impress with a hand made lotion or body butter that smells delicious and works wonderfully! With each order I will be giving away some 1 oz pump bottles of lotion as well! 

I am so excited to help support an amazing ministry Amazima ministries, they provide, food, health care, and education to under-privledged children in Uganda! I am so blessed to be able to donate a portion of my profits to them and I am so excited for this month and next to give as much as possible! I started this endeavor for my own child, so I could stay home with him and take care of our home like I felt God wanted me too, this is my way of sharing that love and sharing this gift God has given me (the ability to stay home and do what I love) what better way then to help other children who are not so fortunate as my little one who always can count on food and his parents being there for him! Please take the time to check out some of their programs here! They are such an amazing ministry, it fills my heart when I can make a donation! If you want to make a donation please go to their website here.

A look into the NEW Blissful Body!

This is a rough draft of something being started! Nothing is finalized yet, but I wanted to share a glimpse of what is yet to come! So professional and so nice! I am so happy! Along with the new look comes new ideas! I have been thinking and thinking and thinking on what I can do to expand my product and offer it to more people! I have come up with multiple recipes of my lotions to create different priced products so everyone on any budget can purchase some quality hand made products! I will be offering 4 types of lotion and also 4 types of butters all made with different ingredients that vary in price so that I can charge different prices. I also will offer FREE one time use samples with orders, if you want to try different variations! 

Another great concept I have is I want to offer a LOT of different fragrances, I want to appeal to many! So with each lotion you get to choose what fragrance you want! You will even be able to mix fragrances if you like. There will be about 40+ fragrances to choose from and the mixing possibilities are endless! I just got in a bunch of fragrances and OH MY GOODNESS Kory and I were going nuts at how yummy they all smell! I am so excited for this! It gives you a great way to have a custom lotion, choose your formula and choose your fragrance. 

Okay, just one more thing I want to share! I have done some research and I am happy to say that once the new design is in place and I start my new launch I can officially say I offer gluten free, paraben free, alcohol free, mineral oil free, all natural products with some organic ingredients thrown in there! WOO HOO! My only adjustment is the preservative I use. I will be using an all natural paraben free preservative that is harmless! You can literally eat my lotions and butters and it would be GOOD for you :)!

Thank you all sooo much for your support! My friends and family have just been unbelievable through all this and have helped me immensely at spreading the word about my product! Down below I have testimonials if you are interested in taking a look! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

I would like it to go on the record saying that the Blissful body products are wonderful!!  I have used different smells of the lotion and I love them all!  This lotion is one of the only I can use for it doesn't have alcohol in it!!.  Lotion with alcohol just dries your skin out more and this lotion makes it smooth all day long!  This lotion even helps with my scleroderma. I am so thankful that you are doing this endeavor Cassie!  Love, Sue

I LOVE the lemon buttercream scent. It works really good on my skin, I have eczema on my arms and legs and it really moisturizes! Love love love your stuff girl, good job!


I have tried the body butter and the lotion and no joke ever since I have used it my severly bad problem with hives has nearly vanished!!!! My skin glows and it feels so so soft and has cut my lotion application number down to only 1-2 times a day where as before I was applying like 10-15 times a day!!!! I want to buy more and for sure girl, you are going to be my lotion/beauty supplier for life!

I have always struggled with eczema on my face. I have used prescription creams, nothing has been more beneficial for my eczema then the blissful body products. I put some on in the morning and at night and my face feels and looks a lot better. 

I have tried the lotion, butter and face moisturizer and love all of them!  The butter is fabulous on my feet and heels, makes them so soft!  I use the body lotion daily on my arms and legs and they stay moisturized all day!  The face moisturizer is perfect for my oily skin and I use it around my eyes  too! My skin has never been this soft in my life.

I love Cassie's lotion. I have used it for 2 years now. I have very dry skin and live in CO. Her lotion keeps my skin moisturized better than anything else using less than more expensive lotions. I also really, really love her mineral veil.  It is very light and applies so evenly and easily. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

For my big love

My sweet sweet Kory! Today means we have spent four years being married! Four years of ultimate love and sacrifice! Our four years have been very far from being perfect... But for me they have been perfect! You have shown me the deepest love, the most grace, mercy, and the best four years of my life! 
Kory, thank you for being such a respectable guy! You never look at other women, I am the only girl in your eyes and bc of that you give me a great sense of security and you make me feel truly loved and truly beautiful. 
Thank you for always putting up with me! I know I can be difficult a lot! I like things a certain way and I have a good way of telling you how I like these things ;)!
Thank you for working so hard for our family! I know it's not where you want to be in your career you want more responsibility, it'll come babe! You have proven yourself not only to your family but the people who work with you! 
You are an incredibly special man! You are unique there is only one Kory and I'm the luckiest girl on earth to have gotten him! I got a loyal husband, a best friend, a true love! I am so excited we are celebrating four years together, but lets celebrate more let's celebrate the rest of our lives being together, holding each other, loving each other!
Kory I love you more then words can express! I thank God for you!
Happy anniversary my big love!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is a MUST read

Alright everyone, I have the shop fully stocked and ready for your holiday gift buying! I really appreciate everyone's support and all the purchases that have been made! All my family have friends have been so nice and have rallied behind me trying to get my products out there. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AND I APPRECIATE YOU ALL SO MUCH!
I have just donated $50.00 to Amazima Ministries! They help children get food, health care, and education! I am sooo excited about the donation! Thank you all for making it possible!

Thank you for your Donation to Amazima Ministries International

MERCHANT: Amazima Ministries International
DATE/TIME: 11/1/2012 3:49:46 PM
AMOUNT: $50.00
- - - - - - - - - 
NAME: Cassie J Platt
Confirm Email:
Fund Designation: Where Most Needed
Personal or Business Donation?: Business
Business Name: The Blissful Body

I want to send them A LOT more though for the holiday season so I really need your help. I promise you that my lotion and butters will be a huge hit. It is such a unique, special gift to give any lady. Guys, your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, sister, aunt, grandma WILL LOVE IT!  Girls, your friends, your mom, your sister, your daughter, your aunt, your grandma WILL LOVE IT! The comments I have been getting have been so awesome, so far everyone has been so pleased with the results of my these luscious lotions and butter. 

I have two seasonal scents in right now that I am absolutely crazy about. Hot apple pie and Cinnamon pumkin. My mother in law purchased a pineapple citrus butter, she came over to pick her order up and when she smelled the cinnamon pumpkin she had to order another, they are delicious! Buy some now,  click here and use this promo code {HOLIDAY15} at checkout to receive my holiday offer of 15% off! I am now offering $1 sample bottles. They are limited so if you want to try some scents before buying the full size you can get a 1 ounce pump bottle- they are great for purses too! 

Another very exciting thing I want to share, I have been featured in the A-List's holiday guide. Kristina has been working for small businesses for 6 years. She helps keep standards high, and she helps promote small businesses that meet or exceed those standards. She has accepted my shop in her A-list and for the holidays she has made an amazing holiday gift guide! It's basically your guide to buying some amazing and extremely unique hand made gifts by small business owners. I cannot express to you how important it is to help support these businesses! You will receive very personal customer service and a product that you cannot find anywhere else! Please, please take a look at the gift guide here.

Thank you everyone for reading and all your support! I would love if you shared this blog on your facebook or twitter! All the networking we tiny businesses can get is so helpful! 

Happy Holidays everyone!