Friday, November 2, 2012

For my big love

My sweet sweet Kory! Today means we have spent four years being married! Four years of ultimate love and sacrifice! Our four years have been very far from being perfect... But for me they have been perfect! You have shown me the deepest love, the most grace, mercy, and the best four years of my life! 
Kory, thank you for being such a respectable guy! You never look at other women, I am the only girl in your eyes and bc of that you give me a great sense of security and you make me feel truly loved and truly beautiful. 
Thank you for always putting up with me! I know I can be difficult a lot! I like things a certain way and I have a good way of telling you how I like these things ;)!
Thank you for working so hard for our family! I know it's not where you want to be in your career you want more responsibility, it'll come babe! You have proven yourself not only to your family but the people who work with you! 
You are an incredibly special man! You are unique there is only one Kory and I'm the luckiest girl on earth to have gotten him! I got a loyal husband, a best friend, a true love! I am so excited we are celebrating four years together, but lets celebrate more let's celebrate the rest of our lives being together, holding each other, loving each other!
Kory I love you more then words can express! I thank God for you!
Happy anniversary my big love!


  1. I can't believe it's been four years!!!! It actually seems like forever ago (maybe that's also because in that picture, my hair looks straight out of the nineties)! Happy Anniversary you two!!!!

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary! You guys are such a beautiful couple and make super cute babies! Love these wedding pics. I was so jealous that Cara lived close enough to go :( I sure wish I was there