Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is a MUST read

Alright everyone, I have the shop fully stocked and ready for your holiday gift buying! I really appreciate everyone's support and all the purchases that have been made! All my family have friends have been so nice and have rallied behind me trying to get my products out there. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AND I APPRECIATE YOU ALL SO MUCH!
I have just donated $50.00 to Amazima Ministries! They help children get food, health care, and education! I am sooo excited about the donation! Thank you all for making it possible!

Thank you for your Donation to Amazima Ministries International

MERCHANT: Amazima Ministries International
DATE/TIME: 11/1/2012 3:49:46 PM
AMOUNT: $50.00
- - - - - - - - - 
NAME: Cassie J Platt
Confirm Email:
Fund Designation: Where Most Needed
Personal or Business Donation?: Business
Business Name: The Blissful Body

I want to send them A LOT more though for the holiday season so I really need your help. I promise you that my lotion and butters will be a huge hit. It is such a unique, special gift to give any lady. Guys, your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, sister, aunt, grandma WILL LOVE IT!  Girls, your friends, your mom, your sister, your daughter, your aunt, your grandma WILL LOVE IT! The comments I have been getting have been so awesome, so far everyone has been so pleased with the results of my these luscious lotions and butter. 

I have two seasonal scents in right now that I am absolutely crazy about. Hot apple pie and Cinnamon pumkin. My mother in law purchased a pineapple citrus butter, she came over to pick her order up and when she smelled the cinnamon pumpkin she had to order another, they are delicious! Buy some now,  click here and use this promo code {HOLIDAY15} at checkout to receive my holiday offer of 15% off! I am now offering $1 sample bottles. They are limited so if you want to try some scents before buying the full size you can get a 1 ounce pump bottle- they are great for purses too! 

Another very exciting thing I want to share, I have been featured in the A-List's holiday guide. Kristina has been working for small businesses for 6 years. She helps keep standards high, and she helps promote small businesses that meet or exceed those standards. She has accepted my shop in her A-list and for the holidays she has made an amazing holiday gift guide! It's basically your guide to buying some amazing and extremely unique hand made gifts by small business owners. I cannot express to you how important it is to help support these businesses! You will receive very personal customer service and a product that you cannot find anywhere else! Please, please take a look at the gift guide here.

Thank you everyone for reading and all your support! I would love if you shared this blog on your facebook or twitter! All the networking we tiny businesses can get is so helpful! 

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. These are the best products and I would be a loyal customer even if Cassie wasn't my daughter in law :)

  2. that is just so so cool that you donate part of your proceeds! I love it! I was thinking about doing that as well but donating to an autistic charity.