Friday, September 28, 2012

How should we spend our precious time?

I had a revelation today while nursing my son (nursing is typically the only time I sit down and actually think) I was thinking about how I spend my time and if it was good or if it was not all that good. I don't believe I do anything bad, but maybe I could be doing a lot better things.

I started thinking about how moms and dads these days have sooo many more interruptions and so many more things to "stress or worry" over bc of how everyone thinks we need to live. We have to worry about jobs and making enough money for a too high of standard! Most of us live outside what we really make (I respect those of you who live within your true budget) and spend money we do not have. Since I am not working Kory and I do not splurge AT ALL I mean literally we buy gas, groceries, and pay bills. Even then the demands seem too high.

Also let me bring up the no brainier in this time, technology! Wow I have a love hate thing going on with technology!!! It can be a time saver but most the time a time waster. Watching tv now is such a waste of time for me it's time I could be folding laundry, doing dishes,vacuuming, or here's a good one spending actual quality time with the people I love! Now, I love plopping down after a long day and relaxing with Kory and Ryan and watching a movie, it's like movies make sense they allow about two hrs to relax and just watch, tv on the other hand can create hours and hours which to me I cannot afford anyway and if you can afford that time you need to find other things to do.

We wonder why divorce rates are so high I swear its bc of technology. I mean who has time anymore to selflessly love their spouse anymore? A man can't come home from work and help his wife, no football is on, there are too many games to be won video games phone games computer games!! And what woman really is stoked about "making love" after an exhausting day with no help and no time to herself? Making love is making us another thing to do on our to do list.

This is so sad to me. Why can't family be family now. It makes me want to throw away my tv my phone my computer. I want my time being spent on people not things to entertain me and not just people my family. I hope no one gets me wrong I do think these things can be good I just think we as Americans waste a lot of our time on really pointless, non-rewarding things that can easily take away from what is very important, our families and our Creator.

Let me know your thoughts on this!!

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