Friday, October 5, 2012

A trip to grander things

I had been meaning to write this a few days ago but life has been exhaustingly busy since I returned from my short trip to see my parents.
My parents live about three hours away in a very tiny town where I grew up. This town offers what most small towns offer, a massive buffet of rumors and gossiping. Everyone knows everyone's business, you cannot leave your house without running into at least three people you enjoy and at least five people you can't stand. It's a great place to raise kids really. As a parent they hardly can get away with much ;)! I remember growing up and thinking "I cannot wait to move to California, where I can not run into people I have to talk too and I can wear other clothes besides sweatshirts and jeans without being stared at like some crazy person."

I could not wait to leave, and I did leave. So now when I visit I am reminded of what that small town had to offer in the form of so many good things- beauty, quiet, peaceful, love, home, places to really escape from everyone and everything, long amazing drives, nature, hospitality, people who care, friendship! As a teenager I rarely appreciated these things. Now being away and realizing how cruel the rest of the world can be I appreciate returning to that little cocoon of home, family, and friends! It's where I can truly relax and enjoy myself and reflect on life.

One of the things I reflected on while I drove there and back was how massive this world is. How tiny I am compared to the scheme of things. The mountains alone made me feel so insignificant. In a way I am so much like that small town tucked away in the mountains, I am hidden from reality and the true world around me; I keep to myself and try to ignore all the bad stuff going on. I am just consumed with my life, always gossiping about my small circle. Making rumors about my silly future that I really have no control over.

So really to put my long trip into words this is what I will leave you with bc this is what I was left with, these words-
Do I want this world to better my life or do I want my life to better this world


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  2. I loved this blog post! I use to want to live right in the city and now I can't seem to get further enough from it now. Love your words. really painted a great picture.

  3. Love the photos you posted! Such a beautiful state we live in! :) I'm glad you got to spend some time "back home". I grew up in a small-er town, out in the country where it was quiet and you could clearly see the stars every night and it took 20 minutes to get to the grocery store, although there are some real conveniences of the city I miss that quiet, out in the middle of nowhere feel too. Sometimes going back home to visit is a vacation all on it's own! I'm so glad you got to go back an enjoy it!